Our Impact Management

EcoEnterprises Fund combines tools and expertise to steer our investments and assure company performance in line with our target sustainable impact goals. We have a well-developed internal Environmental and Social Management System for assessing, managing, monitoring and reporting on impacts as well as potential environmental or social risks. A highly qualified Impact Committee composed of foremost experts in environmental and social sectors stands at the ready to support the investment team and portfolio companies on specific social and environmental results that are identified, monitored, and improved over time.

Our collaborative approach throughout the investment accelerates our ability to foster transformative business models which address the environmental and social challenges facing our planet. We systematically screen for progressive companies that rely on and actively promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of the biodiversity they source from.

Our portfolio companies partner with rural communities and adhere to ethical sourcing and trading principles, creating much-needed long-term jobs and fair income opportunities. A rigorous environmental screening and evaluation process is undertaken for every prospective investment, including the application of our tested and established due diligence and risk rating tool in cooperation with external specialists.

To monitor and evaluate our portfolio’s impact, we collect information and report to our investors on key metrics applicable for each portfolio company, and then work with the company to boost environmental and social outcomes. We track progress over time by compiling data on these metrics during our engagement with the companies; we aim to ensure the environmental and social management systems enhanced by our participation provide lasting impact after we exit the company.  

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