EcoEnterprises Fund is a women-led venture fund with an unparalleled track record of over 20 years building nature-positive, gender-smart portfolios. A pioneer in impact investing, we work with growth businesses that achieve transformative environmental and social impacts. Through tailored, long-term financing and value-add advisory, we help these companies and their community partners boost returns, enhance biodiversity, and promote climate solutions. We have successfully proven our unique approach, managing three successive funds: Fondo EcoEmpresas, S.A., EcoEnterprises Partners II, L.P., and EcoEnterprises Partners III, L.P., that have financed nearly 50 impactful companies in Latin America, Europe, and U.S. With EcoEnterprises Partners IV, L.P. underway, we continue to deliver portfolio results while generating sustainable and inclusive livelihoods and preserving our most important natural asset: Planet Earth.

Tammy E. Newmark
Tammy E. NewmarkCEO & Managing Partner
MIchele Pena
MIchele PenaCOO & Managing Partner
Oksana Aguilar
Oksana AguilarManaging Director, Compliance & Operations
John McKenna
John McKennaManaging Director, Investments 
Nathalie Prado
Nathalie PradoManaging Director, Investments
Julia Santander
Julia SantanderManaging Director, Investments 
Anna Schaefer
Anna SchaeferInvestment Officer 
Agustina Casaburi
Agustina CasaburiImpact Officer 
Marti Jimenez
Marti JimenezInvestment Committee 
Michael Murray
Michael MurrayInvestment Committee 
Jamison Ervin
Jamison ErvinImpact Committee
Frank Hicks
Frank HicksImpact Committee
Kurt Holle
Kurt HolleImpact Committee
Lil Soto
Lil SotoImpact Committee
Irene Suarez
Irene SuarezImpact Committee
Philippe Taieb
Philippe TaiebImpact Committee 
Emmanuel Toureille
Emmanuel ToureilleImpact Committee