Frank Hicks, Impact Committee

Hicks is an advisor on public-private partnerships at Forest Trends, a non-profit focused on research, policy and convening on forest health, watershed conservation, and climate action. He consulted in agribusiness, smallholder supply chains and credit, and ecosystem services with Rainforest Alliance, Root Capital, TechnoServe and Biodiversity Conservation Network. Hicks was on the Board of Directors of Fund I and principal of a Fund I portfolio company, Organic Commodity Products, an organic chocolate company in Costa Rica.

Left to right:

John McKenna, Managing Director, Investments; Michele Pena, COO and Managing Partner; Julia Santander, Managing Director, Investments; Nathalie Prado, Managing Director, Investments; Oksana Aguilar, Managing Director, Compliance and Operations; Tammy E. Newmark, CEO and Managing Partner; Anna Schaefer, Investment Officer, (not shown) 

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