Michael Murray, Investment Committee

Michael Murray has 20 years of general management experience in software and telecommunications and over 15 years as a venture capitalist, including founding New Millennium Venture Partners and subsequent funds. He has 10 years of public service with the City of Mount Shasta in Northern California, including serving as Mayor. He was also on the board of EcoEnterprises Fund for 10 years, visiting the fund management team in Costa Rica and traveling to several portfolio companies. Murray holds an Executive MBA from Tuck, Dartmouth’s Business School.

Left to right:

John McKenna, Managing Director, Investments; Michele Pena, COO and Managing Partner; Julia Santander, Managing Director, Investments; Nathalie Prado, Managing Director, Investments; Oksana Aguilar, Managing Director, Compliance and Operations; Tammy E. Newmark, CEO and Managing Partner; Anna Schaefer, Investment Officer, (not shown) 

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