EcoEnterprises Fund II - Current Portfolio


Fund II, EcoEnterprises Partners II, L.P., builds on the experience of EcoEnterprises Fund’s first fund, established nearly 20 years ago. We provide expansion capital to 11 growth-stage sustainable businesses which demonstrate how positive impact is scaled with economic performance. The portfolio mix reflects complementary ventures which serves as a platform for solid outcomes.


Durabilis is a mission driven global supplier of fair-trade fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from smallholder farmers in Latin America and Africa. The Company relies on the premise that economic development and social change are inter-related goals. It has built a competitive platform to offer super market clients in the U.S. and Europe a high quality year-round supply, creating significant economic opportunities for local farmers. Through the creation of small producer networks, consistent raw material purchases, training and technical assistance, Durabilis ensures the maximization and sustainability of the social impacts achieved.

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EcoFlora Agro

Ecoflora Agro is a vanguard in the development and marketing of innovative organic, sustainable bioproducts derived from plant extracts in Colombia. With its offering of biopesticides the Company promotes an environmentally holistic approach to integrated pest and disease crop management, generating significant benefits for the smallholder farming community, as well as additional upsides at the end-user lever, where consumer demand for more natural, sustainable agricultural products continues to rise.

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KaBloom is an innovative direct farm-to- retailer flower business, that offers customers high quality fresh flowers at competitive prices, while working to enhance the environmental and social welfare of its partner farms – and their employees – by helping them become sustainably certified. The Company’s fully-automated floral supply chain system and patented delivery technology directly connects small and medium-sized flower growers from Colombia, Ecuador, and Costa Rica with wholesalers and retailers in the U.S. As a result growers achieve higher margins, enabling them to invest in improved working conditions and environmentally sustainable practices.

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Morgan's Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge

Morgan’s Rock is a pioneer in the ecotourism industry in Nicaragua, and a quality purveyor of a Central American jungle hideaway experience. Its 4,400-acre property, half of which has been established as a nature reserve, is one of the last large sanctuaries, critical to the conservation of regional wildlife habitat along Central America’s Pacific coast. The Company actively defends its abundant but vulnerable natural ecosystems through reforestation efforts, active vigilance and environmental awareness and education programs in partnership with neighboring communities.

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NurturMe is an emerging leader in healthy, certified-organic, non-GMO quinoa food products for children, offering a variety of exotic snack mixes, cereals and baby food pouches to retail customers across the U.S. The Company sources its staple ingredient quinoa from rural cooperatives in Ayacucho, Peru, one of the poorest regions in the country and has committed to donating 1% of its revenues to Nortur For Niños, a children’s education and health initiative for quinoa grower communities.

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Rainforest Expeditions

Rainforest Expeditions is a pioneer in the Latin American ecotourism industry that has provided cultural and educational wildlife experience for clients in the Peruvian Amazon for over 20 years. Working in close cooperation with the Infierno community, the company plays a pivotal role in conserving the pristine tropical rainforest along the Tambopata River, a tributary of the Amazon by facilitating sustainable income streams for the indigenous communities that live in it and making conservation a competitive alternative to unsustainable economic uses of local natural resources.

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Runa Focused Energy Tea

Runa is a first mover in organic, fair trade tea beverages made from naturally caffeinated guayusa, an Amazonian super-leaf. True to its mission to build and improve livelihoods for indigenous farmers, respect cultural traditions and share the rich tastes of the Ecuadorian Amazon with the world without destroying the rainforest’s bountiful ecosystems, Runa works in close partnership with the local Kichwa peoples. It sources its tea from independent farming families that grow the leaves in ancient forest-gardens and help to protect the integrity of the Amazonian rainforest.

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Sambazon is a leader in organic, wild-harvested açaí and other super-fruits grown in the Brazilian Amazon, which it sources and processes in partnership with local communities. Its fair trade food and beverage products are marketed to retail and industrial customers in the US, Brazil and Asia and have helped preserve millions of acres of rainforest, while bringing positive change to thousands of smallholders and uncompromised nutrition to millions of clients.

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Terrafertil Nature's Heart

Terrafertil is a pioneer purveyor of high-quality organic dried fruits such as goldenberries, healthy snack packages and beverages, including juices, teas and almond milk that are marketed to regional and global retail customers. The company is an example of best-practice sustainable business methods in the region, reflected in its organic practices, its international certifications, and its focus on forging strong small producer ties in Colombia and Ecuador with significant social and environmental impacts.

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