Impact Alpha notes the increasing financial viability of Impact Investing, quoting Tammy Newmark of EcoEnterprises Fund, who said its third successively bigger fund for companies creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities shows that investors are satisfied.

September, 2017

Private Wealth

EcoEnterprises Fund is mentioned in Private Wealth, citing their inclusion in the donor advised fund, ImpactAssets Giving Fund.

September, 2017

Private Wealth

EcoEnterprises Fund is cited in B the Change for "breaking ground by investing in companies with multiple conservation, restoration, and sustainable-production objectives, including great B Corps like Runa".

September, 2017

Feed the Future

EcoEnterprises Fund featured in Impact Assets 2016 Annual Impact Report, “A Year in Motion: At the Intersection of Philanthropy & Impact Investing”.

September, 2017

Feed the Future

John McKenna, Managing Director appears in "A Better Way: The Market for Biological Products in Latin America." EcoEnterprises Fund portfolio companies, Ecoflora Agro and Durabilis (Fairfruit) are also showcased in the presentation from the Partnering for Innovation conference sponsored by Feed the Future in Guatemala.

September, 2017

Nathalie Prado, Managing Director discusses EcoEnterprises Fund's ecotourism portfolio in "Ecotourism Investment Begins to Flourish" for the Conservation Finance Network.  

August, 2017

Feed the Future

EcoEnterprises Fund accepted as a high-impact investment option for ImpactAssets, Giving Fund.

August, 2017

Profits and Sustainability: A History of Green Entrepreneurship

EcoEnterprises Fund is cited in "Profits and Sustainability: A History of Green Entrepreneurship".
Jones, Geoffrey. Oxford University Press. 

June, 2017

For the 5th year in a row, EcoEnterprises Fund is selected as featured investment manager by ImpactAssets 50.

February, 2017

World Resources Institute

The Croatan Institute features EcoEnterprises Fund in its paper "Climate-Related Investment for Resilient Communities”, which presents best-in-class investment opportunities in solutions to climate change that pursue both positive environmental and social, community-level impacts, helping institutional investors align investment portfolios with the transition to a just, low-carbon economy.

December, 2016

World Resources Institute

EcoEnterprises Fund is featured as a lead impact investment fund contributing to World Resources Institute’s 20x20 Initiative’s goal to restore 20 million hectares of degraded land in Latin America by 2020.
View report

December, 2016

The Multilateral International Fund (MIF) highlights EcoEnterprises Fund’s critical contribution to the protection of the world’s biological diversity and natural resources, the promotion of climate-smart agricultural practices to increase resilience in rural value chains, and the creation of conditions necessary for sustainable and inclusive economic growth and prosperity. The MIF announces its participation in EcoEnterprises Fund’s third fund under management that will launch in 2017. Read more at MIF’s blog here.

December, 2016


ELIS Costa Rica 2016

Nathalie Prado, Managing Director, is a panelist at ELIS Costa Rica 2016 discussing impact investment as a tool for social innovation. 

November, 2016


Tammy Newmark serves as a speaker at Sustainatopia Boston on a panel, "Going Mainstream with Impact Investing"

October, 2016

TBLI Conference Nordic

Tammy Newmark serves as a speaker at TBLI Conference Nordic on a panel on Impact Investing and Institutional Barriers.

September, 2016

SOCAP 2016

John McKenna, Managing Director of EcoEnterprises Fund, speaks on the panel Investing in Sustainable Agriculture during SOCAP 2016.

September, 2016

EcoEnterprises Fund participates in the ANDE Annual Conference 2016.

September, 2016

Link to “The Impact Investing Landscape in Latin America”

EcoEnterprises Fund contributes to the first of its kind report for Latin America, “The Impact Investing Landscape in Latin America”, published by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE).

August, 2016

Julia Santander represents EcoEnterprises Fund as a juror during the LAB4+ Social Venture Day Competition in Lima, a platform for emerging social enterprises in the region to pitch their business ideas to potential investors.

June, 2016

Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing

EcoEnterprises Fund is featured as an exemplary impact investment success story in this year’s Guide to Impact Investing "Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing” published by Dr. Julia Balandina-Jaquier in cooperation with Triodos Investment Management.

May, 2016

blue moon celebrating female partners

On International Women's Day blue moon fund thanks and celebrates female partners, recognizing Tammy Newmark and EcoEnterprises for their role in supporting blue moon fund's efforts building a mission-aligned portfolio and enter the world of impact investing.

March, 2016

Tammy Newmark, CEO of EcoEnterprises Fund, gives a presentation at the Washington, DC offices of the Multilateral International Fund, (MIF), outlining the Fund's history and successful track record since 2000, as well as plans for the launch of a third fund by year's end. Read more at MIF's blog here.

February, 2016


EcoEnterprises Fund is highlighted as innovative investment model inScaling Up Investment & Finance for Integrated Landscape Management – Policy Briefpresented in the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015.

December, 2015


For the 4th year in a row, EcoEnterprises Fund is selected as featured investment manager by ImpactAssets 50.

December, 2015

The European Investment Bank joins EcoEnterprises Fund in a visit to portfolio companies Runa and Terrafertil in in Ecuador on the eve of COP 21 Paris Climate Conference in December 2015.

December, 2015

Nathalie Prado, Managing Director, speaks on two panels during the ANDE Annual Conference 2015, discussing challenges to successful exits in the impact investing space and reflecting on sustainability strategies for SGBs.

September, 2015

EcoEnterprises Fund is cited in Global Landscapes Forum for "breaking ground by investing in companies with multiple conservation, restoration and sustainable production objectives".

September, 2015

From Business Wire: NurturMe, the family of certified-organic dried baby food and toddler snacks, has secured $1.5 million in growth expansion capital from EcoEnterprises Fund to help accelerate its growth as the first and only brand to offer pure organic quinoa products for babies and toddlers, as well as scale its social and environmental impact. Read more here... 

May, 2015

Endeavor's High Impact Entrepreneurship Blog spotlights EcoEnterprises Fund's recent investment in Ecoflora. The investment represents the first investment of the Fund in a Colombian company. Based in Medellin, Ecoflora is an innovative business that focuses on developing biopesticides and offering clients a natural solution for integrated and sustainable pest and disease management. Read more here... 

November, 2014

EcoEnterprises Fund is cited in Bain & Company report on Impact Investing in Latin America: "... EcoEnterprises Fund, focusing on Central America, has also delivered on its environmental and financial promises in its first investment portfolio. The first portfolio created more than 3,500 jobs and conserved nearly a million hectares of land, benefiting 293 communities and conservation groups. Thanks to that success, it has raised a second fund and is currently invested in successful businesses, including Runa, an Amazon rainforest tea export and bottling business".

November, 2014


EcoEnterprises Fund announces its Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC at the convening of global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Tammy Newmark serves as speaker: “Can impact investing prioritize profit, people, and the planet?”

September, 2014

EcoEnterprises Fund is featured in JPMorgan Chase Corporate Responsibility Report 2013, (page 24).

May, 2014

EcoEnterprises Fund is featured in Common Fund for Commodities Annual Report 2013, (page 25).

December, 2013

Barron's Blog, Penta Daily, mentions EcoEnterprises Fund in their 12/20/13 entry: "Social-Impact Investing Is On The Rise.

December, 2013


EcoEnterprises Fund applauds G8 support for impact investment.

June, 2013

EcoEnterprises Fund is shortlisted for Sustainable Investor of the Year  by The Financial Times and International Finance Corp. for 2013.

June, 2013

Tammy Newmark gives an interview in WorldTrade Executive Newsletter VE-LA.

May, 2013

EcoEnterprises Fund becomes a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).


"EcoEnterprises Fund's Experience in Sustainable Forestry" is featured in the European Tropical Forest Research Network publication: "Good Business Making Private Investment Work For Tropical Forest", (page 67).

December, 2012

Tammy Newmark, CEO of EcoEnterprises Fund, participates in the panel discussion: “Impact investing: on its way to mainstream?” in Upsides online magazine.

May, 2012

In depth-feature of the all-female EcoEnterprises Fund team on the Women You Should Know website for Earth Day 2012.

April, 2012

EcoEnterprises Fund becomes member of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs.


EcoEnterprises Fund is included in the April 2012 Triodos Emerging Markets e-zine.

March, 2012

The Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) features EcoEnterprises Fund II in its LatAm Venture Bulletin.

March, 2012

EcoEnterprises Fund is included in“Building Biodiversity Business”.
World Conservation Union, (page 145).

March, 2009

link to global envision site

EcoEnterprises Fund is showcased in “Faces of Globalization: Organic Shrimp”.
Barclay, Eliza. United Press International.

June, 2004

link to Nature Conservancy Magazine

Ecoenterprises Fund is mentioned in "The Chocolate Forest and Other Delicious Ideas".
Niiler, Eric. Nature Conservancy Magazine. 

Spring, 2002

link to Christian Science Monitor website

EcoEnterprises Fund is cited in "Natural Capitalism".
Knickerbocker, Brad. The Christian Science Monitor.

January, 2001

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