Coming Soon: Impact Investing for the Sustainable Planet
Follow-on publication by Tammy E. Newmark and Michele Pena 


Portfolio for the Planet: Lessons...

by Tammy E. Newmark and Michele Pena
(Earthscan/Routledge Press); available on

PortfolioPlanet“Conserving the natural systems that sustain the planet’s people and wildlife is a tall order, and one that can’t be met without the active involvement of the private sector. This book is a valuable primer on how well-directed financial capital can help save the Earth’s natural capital and bring tangible benefits to local communities in the process.”
MarkTercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy

“Portfolio for the Planet offers an exciting contribution to our understanding of impact investing and sustainable business development opportunities within emerging markets. Newmark and Pena offer not only an engaging presentation of successful business development case studies and investor experience, but also frame their work in terms we may all learn from—regardless of where our investing strategies may take us!”
Jed Emerson, Author and EVP at ImpactAssets


Investing in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures in the Developing World: Key Lessons and Experiences of EcoEnterprises Fund

Global Sustainability as a Business Imperative

by Tammy E. Newmark and Jacob Park
Part of the series "The Palgrave Series on Global Sustainability" pp 55-71; available on


Global Sustainability as a Business ImperativeRapid growth of the global economy has accelerated the degradation of the Earth’s most important asset: the environment. With the world’s population increasing, the demand on natural resources to cover even basic human needs is intensifying, and finding ways to meet those needs without exhausting our finite resource base will be imperative. The good news is that there is an emerging realization that economic growth does not have to come at the environment’s expense. Around the world, passionate entrepreneurs are introducing innovative products and ways of doing business that use natural resources sustainably and can help ensure their long-term viability.