EcoEnterprises Fund utilizes tailored mezzanine, quasi-equity, and long-term debt instruments to catalyze growth in expanding sectors such as regenerative agriculture, agro-forestry, sustainable aquaculture, ecotourism, certified forestry, and emerging nature-positive opportunities. Our capital combined with hands-on partnering through direct technical advisory support, one-on-one work with principals, and Board-level participation yields strong portfolio outcomes. With a focus on Latin America, a region that holds 40% of the world’s biodiversity, more than 30% of Earth’s available freshwater, and almost 50% of its tropical forests, EcoEnterprises Fund invests in compelling, scalable small businesses that actively contribute to:

  • Biodiversity preservation and regeneration
  • Climate solutions
  • Social equity

EcoEnterprises Fund’s first fund under management, Fondo EcoEmpresas, S.A., invested in first-movers and market builders, offering a wide range of novel products, from organic shrimp to organic spices, sustainably-certified furniture to biodynamic flowers, and acai juice smoothies. EcoEnterprises Partners II, L.P. spurred the scaling of winning community-based sustainable businesses that are iconic examples for high impact in Latin America. EcoEnterprises Partners III, L.P. continues our track record of taking investing in nature-positive companies to the next level with regional and global companies focused on natural capital and climate solutions. EcoEnterprises Partners IV, L.P., to be launched in 2024, aims to take this catalytic approach to scale.